The Secret to Getting “Unstuck”

Have you ever felt stuck in a bad spot in a relationship, project, or job? Have you ever felt stuck at the same weight, fitness level, body composition? Have you ever felt stuck at the same level of stress or unhappiness in your life? Well, there’s a reason that people get stuck, and the answer […]

7 Steps to Learn from Emotions

Recently, my father passed away at the age of 87. He lived a long good life especially since he didn’t take very good care of himself. I have spent the last 6 years taking care of him and his affairs. As he became less independent, our roles reversed. I was forced to play the role […]

5 Reasons to Make Time for Reflection

The end of the year is always a reminder to look ahead and set new goals. All too often, we forget to look back. Instead, we focus only on our New Year’s resolutions. However, it is just as important to reflect back on our accomplishments, experiences, and personal growth. Take a look at these 5 […]

Self-discipline versus Self-love

We all know people that are very self-disciplined. They are successful, and we admire them. Then there are those people who have lots of fun but no self-discipline. We love them, but their life seems rather chaotic. Then there’s all the rest of us somewhere in between. Some days we are disciplined, and other days, […]

Is it happening TO you or FOR you?

I had the pleasure of meeting an outstanding motivational speaker from Australia several years ago. In addition to being an excellent speaker, I love that he is so down-to-earth. When you chat with him, he seems like just another regular guy. I also like his name – Bruce Sullivan. He sends out his “irregular but […]

Willpower Won’t Change a Habit

Changing a habit is potentially one of the most difficult things to do in life. Have you ever thought about why this is? There are two reasons: 1. A habit is a pattern or program that runs automatically when triggered.  For example, before you go to bed at night, you walk into your bathroom which […]

4 Steps to Turnaround a Bad Day

Have you ever had “one of those days” where everything seems to break, go wrong, or be difficult? When we sit back and think about, we know not everything went wrong. It just felt that way. Ok, so something doesn’t exactly go our way first thing in the morning. We get up late; we spill our coffee; […]

Get Comfortable Getting Uncomfortable

Everyone takes a different path to success. Some people achieve success quickly, and then struggle to keep it or remain happy. Other people struggle for a long time, then something clicks and success happens fast. And, for many of us, success comes like a slow march up long hill often taking 2 steps forward and […]

7 Signs That Limiting Beliefs Are Sabotaging Your Success

What is success? Success is not just having a lot of money. Studies have shown wealthy people in general aren’t any happier than the rest of the population.  Success is what we define it to be. One person’s view of success can be very different than the next person’s. In fact, we can probably say […]

You and Your Elephant

The elephant analogy holds true in many ways.  Our subconscious mind, like the elephant, doesn’t communicate in words and doesn’t use thoughts and reason.  Our subconscious mind observes everything that goes on in our lives.  It stores memories, experiences and emotions.  These memories form the basis of our beliefs.  Just like the elephant wants to […]