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Conquer your health, career or relationship crisis.

Bad things shouldn't happen to good people...but they do!

When they do, the stress and negative thoughts can be overwhelming.

Health Crisis

You never dreamed that you or a loved one would be diagnosed with a life-threatening or chronic disease. It's shocking and potentially overwhelming. The doctors will treat the disease. But will you be able to live a happy life from now on? Will you be able to do all the things you used to enjoy doing? Or will your worst fears be realized?

Career Crisis

Have you lost your job or facing a potential downsizing? Has the old job you loved turned into something that's practically unbearable? However, the thought of searching for a new job in a tough economy seems frightening. Even worse, you're not even sure what you want. You just know that something has to change. One thing's for sure, you don't want to be broke or bankrupt.

Relationship Crisis

Are you facing a divorce or a bad breakup? Whether this is a complete surprise or you have seen it coming for a while, it's still hard. Emotions run high. The arguing and fighting are exhausting. Then there are the kids and the finances to worry about. How do you work through it all so you have a chance at a good life later?

How The Crisis Cure™ helps...

The Crisis Cure™ can ease the stress,
overwhelm, and constant negative thoughts.

Get Calm

When you reduce your stress, you're able to access your resource state. This allows you to think clearly and solve problems creatively.

Get Clear

Getting clear on what you want is the key. When you decide what you want, it empowers you to take action to produce the result you desire.

Get Confident

With a calm mind and a clear direction, you can develop the confidence to take action and overcome any challenges you face.

Overcoming Personal Crisis

Have you ever lost a job, gone through a divorce, or experienced a major health scare? You're not alone. I've been through multiple job losses, two divorces, and battled cancer twice. With each new challenge, I focused on becoming a better person.

It doesn't matter whether it's work, finances, relationships, or health, we will always have challenges to face. And with each challenge, we have a choice. Is this happening "to" me or "for" my benefit? Will I become bitter or better? Do I only endure the problem or embrace it as an opportunity for growth? The answer lies in how we think. 

My goal is to help you eliminate the suffering caused by a personal crisis. When you join me in The Crisis Cure™ course, I'll help you overcome your crisis and make it a turning point for a better life.

The Crisis Cure Method

The Crisis Cure™ method uses five scientifically based steps to help you overcome your crisis. Each step helps you build an important skill. You don't need to master each skill before moving to the next. However, each skill supports the other. Each time you face a new challenge, you will want to revisit these skills. 

The Crisis Cure Method
Perspective Icon

1. Adopt a Positive Perspective

The first step in conquering your crisis is to change how you look at it. If you stay in crisis mode, you won't be able to access your best thinking and creativity. In addition, it doesn't help to focus your energy on what you don't want. It's much better to get clear on what you want and focus on that.

Decision Icon

2. Make an Empowering Decision

A positive perspective enables you to make decisions about what you want and how to get there. When you make a decision to pursue a positive outcome, it's energizing. Decisions bring clarity, and clarity inspires action.

Mindset Icon

3. Build an Unbreakable Mindset

Armed with a positive perspective and an empowering decision, the next thing you will need is an unbreakable mindset. Eventually, negative thoughts and doubts will creep back into your mind. Not everything you do will work out as planned. Building an unbreakable mindset prepares you for challenges and setbacks. It also helps you get back on track.

Action Icon

4. Take Inspired Action

Steps 1, 2, and 3 cover the internal aspects which are important. However, nothing changes in the external world until you take action. Motivation can help us get started. However, motivation doesn't last. Instead, you need inspiration. Focusing on what you want and why you want it will you find the inspiration to keep going when you don't feel like it.

Better Life Icon

5. Build a Better Life

You're taking action and conquering your crisis, but what happens next? Do you really want things to go back to what they were? Or is a better life what you really want? You have developed the skills to overcome crises and challenges. Why not use them to build an even better life for the future?

How to get started...

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Being diagnosed with cancer hit me harder than anything ever before. I'm generally a positive person but was having trouble with negative thoughts and emotions. Bruce taught me how to take a new perspective that helped alleviate my negative thinking. I couldn't have done this alone. Bruce lent a very helping hand.

Jimmy Prigge Mortgage Broker

Steve Baker

Bruce has helped me through some tough times. He's supported me through health, career, and relationship challenges. I've always found his advice to be smart and sound. He's always believed in me even when I wasn't sure how much I believed in myself.

Steve Baker - Insurance Broker

Bart Vom Dorp

Bruce has offered sound advice that helped me develop a positive perspective in tough situations. He offered many tips and tools to make necessary steps for improvement. I have learned how to break bad routines and develop a practice of life long learning from his wisdom and coaching skills.

Bart Vom Dorp - Medical Device Rep

Still Have Questions?

If you still have questions about if The Crisis Cure™ is for you, check out these commonly asked questions.

Will The Crisis Cure™ cure my illness?

The Crisis Cure™ is not a medical cure for illness. It is a program that teaches you the skills necessary to cope with any crisis including a serious or chronic illness.

Can The Crisis Cure™ guarantee I'll save my job or get the job I want?

The Crisis Cure™ is not a career placement program. It teaches you the skills necessary to face your current career crisis and turn it into an opportunity for a career path that best aligns with your values and desires. 

Will The Crisis Cure™ fix my marriage?

The Crisis Cure™ is not a marriage or relationship counseling program. It also cannot "fix" other people. The Crisis Cure™ teaches you how to address difficult relationships, determine what you want in the relationship, and confidently pursue it.

Why should I use The Crisis Cure™ rather than a specific health, career, or relationship course?

The Crisis Cure™ teaches you a set of skills to face any life crisis or challenge. Part of the process is deciding the knowledge and skills you need to be successful in this area of your life. Specific knowledge is relatively easy to acquire once you have the proper perspective and mindset. 

What if I don't want to share my personal problems with others?

Some people find comfort in sharing their story with others experiencing similar problems. Others wish to keep their problems private. You do not have to share your story with others if you do not wish to. It is completely voluntary.

Can't I just conquer my crisis on my own?

Yes, if you have the coping skills, you certainly can. However, everyone can benefit from the skills that are taught in The Crisis Cure™ method. These skills will help anyone overcome their crisis or next life challenge. 

Do I have to have a crisis to benefit from The Crisis Cure™?

No. Anyone can benefit from learning The Crisis Cure™ method. These are important life skills that will help anyone deal with any kind of life challenge. Honing these skills in non-crisis times can help you build a better life. 

Is The Crisis Cure™ steps based on neuroscience and psychology?

Yes, the skills taught in The Crisis Cure™ course were developed and tested by psychologists and neuroscientists. The Crisis Cure™ uses the latest techniques backed by studies of thousands of people.

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Based on experience and backed by science, The Crisis Cure™ Course and Coaching Program can not only help you overcome your crisis but also make it a turning point for building a better life.

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