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What are limiting beliefs?

A limiting belief is any belief about yourself, the world, or how you interact with the world that limits your happiness and success. A belief limits you if it does not empower your ability to experience life in the best possible way.

Types of Beliefs

Beliefs have three layers. Core beliefs act as a foundation for other beliefs representing our self-values. Intermediate beliefs are expectations about situations, others, and ourselves that include rules and conditions. Automatic thoughts are the thoughts and feelings that automatically pop in our mind as internal self-talk. 

Sources of Beliefs

Beliefs come from our DNA, our parents, our learning experiences, and society. Limiting beliefs come from fear, low self-esteem, and the inability to visualize success. We can consciously choose to create our own beliefs. But, we must overcome our fear, the limitations of self-esteem, and our inability to visualize success.

True or Untrue?

Whether our beliefs are true or untrue doesn't matter. It only matters how they serve us. Do they bring the results we desire? Empowering beliefs drive thoughts and actions that bring positive consequences. Limiting beliefs bring neutral or negative consequences holding us back from experiencing all the success we deserve. 

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Our thinking is driven by our beliefs. Taking the time to write down your beliefs can bring direction and purpose to your life. Read my Manifesto for Better Living to learn how changing your beliefs can change your life. 

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