July 30


How Self-Esteem Determines Success

Self-esteem is how we view and value our self.  If we view our self as small, powerless, and inconsequential, we believe we will not make a difference.  We will be passive or avoid the situation.  If we have little value for ourselves, we believe we have nothing to give and deserve nothing.  Either of these views is inherently self-limiting.

Self-esteem is not an all or nothing thing.  Most of us have good self-esteem to be successful in some areas of our life, but lack it in other areas.  Perhaps we feel we are good at our job but bad at relationships.  Or we feel we are good at sports but bad at managing our money.  We may think life is going along smoothly, then something happens that rattles our self-esteem.

Very few people have success in all areas of their life for long periods of time.  It’s important to accept that we lack self-esteem in some area of our life.  However, it’s just as important to understand that we can change our self-esteem.  We can identify limiting beliefs.  We can change those beliefs.  We can act with purpose and direction.  And, we can bring success to any area of our life.

Bruce Fleck

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