The Manifesto for Better Living

7 Declarations to Create a Better Life 

Hi, I’m Bruce Fleck, author, coach, and speaker. My goal is to help you create the best possible life for yourself and those around you. Whether that’s making small changes or a massive transformation, it all starts with how we think.

When we change our thoughts and beliefs, anything can happen. In fact, you are where you are today because of your past thoughts and beliefs.

Do you know what your beliefs are? I believe every one of us deserves to have a better life. That’s why I’ve put together this Manifesto for Better Living.

Declaration #1 Our Perfection

We believe that better living begins with believing we are perfectly made, we are not broken, and we don't need fixing.

We believe that we are a living breathing miracle on earth and that there has never been and never will be someone exactly like us.

We believe that what we judge as imperfection in ourselves, others, and the world around us is in fact a perfect manifestation of its creator.

We believe that there is a higher power that created us, operates within us, and remains with us at all times that is loving, understanding, and eternal.

Declaration # 2 Our Perspective

We believe that better living is achieved by taking a higher perspective in all things.

We believe there is no separation in the world, but only our inability to see the connection.

We believe that there are no true problems, only better ways thinking, feeling, and doing that can be found from a higher perspective with a higher level consciousness.

We believe there are no barriers or restrictions in life except those that we chose to impose upon ourselves.

We believe that while the past has brought us here and planning our future is wise, in the end we can only live in this exact moment. We will cherish the moment.

Declaration # 3 Our Principles

We believe that better living can be guided by understanding and applying universal principles.

We believe that we and we alone are responsible for our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

We choose the meaning we assign to all things. The difference between good and bad is the meaning we assign to it.

We must first “be” the change we want to see in our lives. Then we must “do” the things that such a person would do. Then and only then, will we “have” the things we desire.

While history and fate have brought me to this time on this planet, I ultimately choose the environment I want to live in.

Declaration #4 Our Practices

We believe that consciously choosing our practices creates a better life.

We believe are a spiritual being having a human experience where me must care for our body, our mind, and our spirit.

We believe that it is our habits are the foundation of our success.

We believe that the past is gone, the future does not yet exist. There is only now. So, we choose to live in the moment.

We believe that when we pursue the higher path, we will reap the benefits of lower desires.

We believe that if we do not consciously create our life, it will be created for us by our subconscious mind or the consciousness of others.

Declaration #5 Our Performance

We believe that a better life is achieved by serving others through our work and by working better, life becomes better.

We believe that everything we desire to create begins first with a conscious intention.

We believe that focused thought and action is the shortest path to create what we desire.

We believe our feelings are both a powerful tool of creation and a powerful guide to steer our desires.

We believe that passionate action brings positive change, and that inaction brings doubt, delay, and divisiveness.

We believe that we have the desire and the power to create something we desire and something valuable for the world

Declaration #6 Our People

We believe that we are here as people, and that people are the reason we are here.

We believe that our relationship with ourselves is as important as our relationship with others.

We believe that all human beings are connected through our common creator, and that feelings of separateness are only a limitation of our human minds.

We believe that every person is both equal and different with the right to live their life as they see fit.

We believe that everything in life has greater meaning and is more enjoyable when shared with others.

We believe there is great power when we unite with others in a common understanding or cause.

Declaration #7 Our Purpose

We believe that life is infinitely better when we are living our purpose.

Live - We believe that our first purpose here is to experience the beauty and joy of God’s creation.

Love - We believe that our second purpose here is to love and serve others with our time and talents.

Learn - We believe our third purpose in life is to grow and evolve as a spiritual being continually striving to gain wisdom and achieve higher levels of consciousness.

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